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Rainy day options

Not even the rain can limit what attractions are available!

Beatenberg has an indoor swimming pool fed by water from seven glacier feed springs (the springs also feed the tap water in the village). The pool has a special warm water day of 32 degrees on Thursdays and Fridays. Group water gymnastics, play afternoons for children, sauna and solarium for adults.

Visit the greatest natural wonder on Lake Thun. St Beatus Caves, an experience not to be missed.  Under the Niederhorn, underneath Beatenberg a wonderland of illuminated caves, grottos that travel 3 miles until they end directly under the alter of the old church in Beatenberg. St Beatus was a hermit who lived in the caves in prehistoric times. His life story is shown with models of how he may have lived, these caves are the most interesting, with subterranean waterfalls, the most well known and historical place to visit in the entire Bernese Oberland.

The famous Trummelbach Falls close by are entirely inside a mountain -10 glacier waterfalls, fully illuminated with access by tunnel lift. 20,000  litres of water per second, an amazing sight to see.

The very interesting glass factory at Hergiswil near Lucerne is an excellent day trip with a large shop on site.

There is also a special wet weather programme from the Beatenberg Tourist Board.

A trip to the Appenzell or Emmenthal cheese factory fills a day.

Bern one of the loveliest weather proof traffic free medieval cities in the world. Keeping dry under four miles of arcades with exclusive range of shops and also paying a visit to the well known Bear pits.

The list is endless!


swimming pool at Beatenberg

St Beatus Caves


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